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RCS2LOG(1) General Commands Manual RCS2LOG(1)


rcs2logRCS to ChangeLog generator


rcs2log [-c changelog] [-h hostname] [-i indent] [-l length] [-R] [-r option] [-t tabwidth] [-u login<TAB>fullname<TAB>mailaddr] [-v] [--help] [--version] [file ...]


The rcs2log utility generates a change log prefix from RCS files (perhaps in the CVS repository) and the ChangeLog (if any).

The options are as follows:

-c changelog
Output a change log prefix to changelog (default ChangeLog).
-h hostname
Use hostname in change log entries (default current host).
-i indent
Indent change log lines by indent spaces (default 8).
-l length
Try to limit log lines to length characters (default 79).
If no file(s) are given and RCS is used, recurse through working directory.
-r option
Pass option to subsidiary log command.
-t tabwidth
Tab stops are every tabwidth characters (default 8).
-u login<TAB>fullname<TAB>mailaddr
Assume login has fullname and mailaddr.
Append RCS revision to file names in log lines.
Output help.
Output version number.


Paul Eggert <>


Report bugs to <>.
February 15, 2003 NetBSD 7.0