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NOLOGIN(5) File Formats Manual NOLOGIN(5)


nologinfile disallowing and containing reason for disallowing logins


The file /etc/nologin, if it exists, causes the login procedure, used by programs such as login(1), to terminate. The program may display the contents of /etc/nologin to the user before exiting.

This file is a simple mechanism to temporarily prevent incoming logins. As such, the file /etc/nologin is created by shutdown(8) five minutes before system shutdown, or immediately if shutdown is in less than five minutes. The file /etc/nologin is removed just before shutdown(8) exits.

To disable logins on a per-account basis, see nologin(8).

The file /etc/nologin has no affect on the login procedure for the root user.


The nologin file resides in /etc.


NO LOGINS: System going down at 18:22
December 9, 2005 NetBSD 7.0