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GSPA(8) System Manager's Manual GSPA(8)


gspaassembler for the GSP chip


gspa [-c c_array_name] [-l list_file] [-o hex_file] [infile]


gspa is an assembler for the TMS34010 and TMS34020 graphics processor chips.

The supported options are:

-c c_array_name
Create a pre-initialized C-structure c_array_name with the hex code of the assembler output.
-l list_file
Create commented (with the input file) hex code of the assembler output in list_file.
-o hex_file
Create the output in hex_file. If -c is used, C code will be written to hex_file, otherwise uncommented hex code of the assembler output will be written.

If no -o option is given, output will be written to stdout.

If no infile is given, input will be read from stdin.


gspa appeared in NetBSD 1.1.


gspa was written by Paul Mackerras. The -c mode was added by Ignatios Souvatzis <>. This man page was written by Thomas Klausner <>.
May 27, 2002 NetBSD 7.0