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 <p>Online activity around the project can be found on the following platforms:</p>
+<h3>Official website</h3>
+<p>The project is hosted on the web at <a href="/" title="The EdgeBSD Project"></a>, where it is <a href="/edgebsd/wiki/12/project organization" title="Project organization">organized</a> around a <a href="/edgebsd/user/groups" title="EdgeBSD Teams">number of teams</a> of <a href="/edgebsd/group/list/3/developers" title="EdgeBSD Developers">official developers</a>.</p>
+<p>A <a href="/edgebsd/wiki" title="EdgeBSD Wiki">public wiki</a> can be found there as well.</p>
 <h3>Live chat</h3>
 <p>EdgeBSD users and developers can be found on the <a href="irc://" title="#EdgeBSD on freenode">#EdgeBSD</a> channel on the <a href="" title="About the Network">freenode</a> IRC network.</p>
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